World Happiness Report 2022 : Finland got the first place and India ranks very low

World Happiness Report 2022 : Like every year, this year also the United Nations has released the World Happiness Report for the year 2022 on 18 March. International Happiness Day is organised every year on 20 March to indicate the importance of happiness in human life.For the first time, the resolution of Happiness Day was introduced by Bhutan, emphasising the importance of national happiness rather than national income, and adopting Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product since the early 1970s.

This index is usually based on GDP per capita, social support healthy, life expectancy, freedom to live life, generosity and corruption. Prepares the ranking of 150 countries on the basis of many factors like perception. To prepare this, along with the happy life of the people, economic social data is also seen.In the report for the year 2022, 146 countries have been included in the list prepared by the United Nations Sustainable Development Measures Network.

Like previous years, this year also Finland ranked first

Finland remained on the top of the list for the fifth time. While Afghanistan remained at the bottom of the list. Finland was followed by Denmark in second place and Iceland in third place. Norway, Israel, New Zealand were in fourth place, Netherlands and Luxembourg in fifth place and Sweden in seventh and eighth place, ninth and tenth respectively.

India’s situation has improved but still far behind

Talking about India, the place of India in the list has been very low. India has been ranked 136 this year. However, in the previous year 2021 list, India was ranked at 139. In this respect, India’s position has improved slightly. At the same time, the place of neighbouring countries of India has improved a lot. Pakistan is ranked 121st, Bangladesh 94th and China 72nd in the list. In India’s neighbouring countries, except Afghanistan, the ranking of all other countries has been much better than India.

The US and the UK are ranked 16th and 17th, Lebanon, Venezuela and Afghanistan have declined in the rankings compared to previous years. Their place is 144, 143 and 146 respectively. There have been many violent political regime changes in Afghanistan in the past year.This has been the reason for staying on the last rung. UNICEF estimates that if help is not provided in Afghanistan, by the end of this year about 100,000 children under the age of 5 will die of starvation. Among European countries, Russia and Ukraine, which are still tense, but they are ranked 80 and 86 in the list, respectively. However, this list has been prepared before the start of the war between the two countries.

Know the reason behind Finland’s continuous first position in World Happiness Report

The most notable thing here is how Finland has been at the top of the list for five consecutive years. There are a few main reasons for this to happen. The high life of the citizens of Finland is full of amenities. The government provides good and free health services to the people, which citizens lead a happy and contented life. The crime rate here is negligible.

This is a very safe country. At the same time, it has the best education system in the whole of Europe, which gives more employment opportunities to the youth and less unemployment. The most important reason for the progress of Finland, is the sense of equality, considering the participation of men and women in voting, women and men are considered equal in all contesting elections. Finland is the first country in the world to adopt gender equality.

For the citizens of any country to be happy, it is necessary to strengthen the political system there so that the outlook of life for every person can be changed. It is necessary that in view of this index, all the countries of the world should take lessons from Finland for its prosperity.


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