Women’s safety is now in their hands, with the help of Himmat App, Know

Himmat App : India is respected all over the world for its civilisation, culture and customs. Women have been considered highly respected since Vedic times. Women have been respected like a goddess. But with the passage of time the situation is also changing. The women of the 21st century are trying to be the leaders in every field and they are also doing hard work. But the road till here has not been easy.

After so many hardships and difficulties, a closed window has now been opened. But in recent times, insecurity of women has become the biggest problem. Even though she has come out and started working. But even today, some woman is always the victim of the evil eye of some people, somewhere or the other. Every day there are breaking news of character assassination of women, various types of criminal incidents are carried out with them. It’s not like this. Women need to be alert for their own safety and for this take the help of technology with the changing world.

There are a few selected mobile safety apps with the help of which women can easily get help in times of problems.Let us know about some such apps.

Safety pin : SafetyPin App for women’s safety is an app related to features like GPS tracking, emergency contact number, route to a safe place. This app shows unsafe places with red color, safe places with green color and less safe places with brown and yellow colors. With this, women can be alerted and if the user using it wants, can pin unsafe places with the help of others.

Himmat : Himmat App is an app launched by Delhi Police. To use it, the user has to register herself on the website of Delhi Police. After registering, in times of any issues or problem, the user can access s.o.s. through this app. User can send a message so that its location and audio video directly reaches the Delhi Police Control Room and the police help them immediately.

Bsafe : This app also developed for the safety of women, live GPS location can be sent to the selected contact number through this app. This app also has an alarm. This app alerts the family members of the user by sending videos and sirens along with his location. With this, a fake call can be made by ringing the phone. It also has a guardian button, on pressing which all the details of the woman reach her friends and family.

Women safety : This app also instantly transmits all the details of the user such as his location, a link to Google Map, to the number of his family already fed in the app when he is trapped in an unsafe environment. There are three different colored buttons in this app, which can be used by the user depending on the severity of the problems. It can get the needed help with a single tap of the button or simply takes a photo with the rear and front camera and uploads it directly to the server.

Eye watch : This app records the voice and video around the user and sends it to the registered mobile number along with the alert message. This app is very accurate and works even without GPS. If the user has reached a more safe place, then its IM can inform the family by pressing the safe button


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