Women’s day 2022 : Know some of legal rights of every women in india

Women’s day 2022 : on this women’s day spread your wings till the end of sky and become your own admirer. know some of legal rights of every women in india The combination of power, beauty, understanding, is a woman who deserves respect but often does not get that right. And this has been going on not only today but for years and here it started the fight for this right of women’s. The story of Women’s Day.

How and when Women’s Day started

In ancient Greece, a woman named Lysistrata started a movement demanding an end to the war at the time of the French Revolution. Its purpose was to stop the increasing atrocities on women due to war.After that, for the first time in the year 1909, on February 28, the Socialist Party of America celebrated Women’s Day and the Soviet Union also announced this day as a national holiday. After this, Women’s Day was celebrated on 28 February only till 1914.

Then during the First World War, Russian women celebrated Women’s Day on the last Sunday of February to establish peace for the first time. This is followed by the year 1975 when on 8 March the United Nations officially began celebrating Women’s Day with a theme annually. The theme for the first time for International Women’s Day was ‘Celebrate the Past, Planning for the Future’.This year’s theme is ‘Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow!’

Since 1975, Women’s Day is celebrated every year in almost all developed and developing countries. This day is mainly celebrated to remind and celebrate women of their potential, social, political and economic progress. To achieve this political, social and economic progress, it is necessary for the woman to be empowered and capable and for any person to become empowered, it is also very important for her to know the legal rights of her country so that the wings of her abilities can be spread all over the sky. able to spread. Some such special rights have been given to women in Indian law, which is very important for them to be aware of.

By the way, every Indian has got many rights in the constitution. But today is Women’s Day today, so it is important to know the special legal rights of women. Many such legal rights have been given to women, which brings empowerment in their situation. To came forward in every field. protect themself from incidents like financial, mental physical abuse.

Right to maintain dignity and decency

It is the duty of the person in to maintain the decency and dignity of every woman. Whether a woman or a man, no one can do any act which infringes on her dignity. Therefore, it is a rule that if there is a woman accused in any case, then there is a medical examination process or any departmental action, then it will either be done by another woman officer or will be done in the presence of any other woman. At the same time it is also important to know that a woman cannot be arrested after the sun sets and before the sun rises. In adverse circumstances, this can be possible only by the order of the First Class Magistrate.

Right to maintain confidentiality of name and identity.

Sexual harassment cases have increased significantly in India. Every day hundreds of cases are registered in the police station regarding such related cases. In such a situation, if a woman wants to get her statement recorded alone in the presence of a female police officer to protect her privacy in case of sexual harassment, then she can get it done. Also she has this right. Her name should not be mentioned anywhere in the police or in the media.

Along with this, if a woman has been raped and she has gone to the police station to lodge a complaint, then it is necessary for the SHO to inform the Legal Service Authority to arrange a lawyer for the victim woman so that she can take proper advice from lawyers that too free of cost.

Equal pay and right against harassment in the office.

Wage or office work The right to equal pay for equal work is very old, but it is often seen that there is a big difference in the pay scale of men and women. Even if the work of women is more. But there can be no discrimination on the basis of gender in wages or wages under the Equal Remuneration Act. There is a provision of equal pay for equal work for men and women. Along with this, if any woman is subjected to mental, financial, physical harassment at the workplace, then she has every right to complain about it in the appropriate forum. For this there will be no problem in his job.

Right against domestic violence.

A major issue in the present time is domestic violence. The manner and number of incidents of which are increasing day by day are changing. Sometimes it is seen that women consider such violence as a part of their life, but the law considers it wrong and the act made for domestic violence is mainly to husband live in partner or husband’s family members. It has been given to the victim as a weapon by which women can get their respect and entitlement.

Right against female feticide.

One of the fundamental rights mentioned in the Constitution of India is the right to live, but some people with narrow and perverted mindset do not allow even this fundamental right to be experienced by women. Female feticide is often murdered by getting a test done at the time of pregnancy, but now the Conception and Prenatal Identification Techniques Act empowers women against this female foeticide. She can complain about it. At the same time, in certain circumstances, the woman herself has the right to have an abortion.

Right to property

Women’s right to property has always been a controversial subject. Many times amendments have been made in the law as well, but now on the basis of the new rules of the Hindu Succession Act, women and men have been considered equally entitled to ancestral property. It was also necessary to do this to keep the economic condition of women strong. Although legal disputes have increased slightly, but somewhere there is a matter of interest of women.

There is a very popular tactic about women. “NAARI TUM KEVAL SHARDDHA HO”, but now it has become necessary to know that woman is not only Sharddha, but has also become a power. Only then can anyone’s rights be violated or exploited. Whereas she is not properly aware of what her rights are, and how she can get it. Therefore, it is very important for women to know and understand their rights, , legal protection and with the help of this they can maintain their dignity.


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