Will omicron be a natural vaccine to end covid?

In just a few days, the way Covid has become active again and the number of its patients is increasing day by day. It has become a matter of concern for the whole world. This time the corona is growing five times faster than the delta variant found in the second wave of corona.

At the same time, the number of patients of Omicron with Corona is also increasing. But at present Omicron looks weak compared to the second wave of Covid. Its cases are few and only two people have died due to this so far. In most cases, infected people do not even need to go the hospital if they stay at home with precaution and medical help.

After some research, experts are now considering Omicron as a natural vaccine. It is believed that Omicron can weaken Covid. Mutations are occurring faster in Omicron than in the delta variant of covid. Mutation is the process in which a disease is rapidly weakened or strengthened. The faster the mutation of the Omicron occurs, the faster the delta variant weakens. People who recover from Omicron retain a very high level of antibodies that last for a long time and are very helpful in fighting covid. Since Omicron is being treated like a flu, as a precaution, patients are recovering from proper treatment by staying at home. That is why it is being considered as a natural vaccine as compared to Delta. However, there is no solid evidence regarding this research.

On the other hand, if we look at the current situation of Covid in Bihar, then here the corona is again in an explosive condition. The number of infected has now reached close to 8000. Also the recovery rate has also started decreasing now. Patients are now available from every district of Bihar. Due to which the situation of lock down is likely to be started soon and it is needed also so that we do not have to face a dire situation like the second wave of Covid. Along with the general public, Covid is spreading very fast among politicians as well. Covid has been infected in a large number of doctors too.

In view of the circumstances, the administration is strictly following the Covid guidelines. But along with this, the own vigilance of the common man is also very important.


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