Why do Indian Students go to Ukraine, Russia or other European countries for doctor’s degree?

There is still a fierce war going on between Russia and Ukraine, it is not known when it will end. After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, a large number of people are fleeing from here. The citizens of Ukraine are going from here to other countries for their safety. At the same time, a large number of Indian citizens are also waiting to return home. About 1000 students have returned to India.

About 20,000 students from India are either studying medicine or working as medical professionals by living in Ukraine before the war broke out. Now there is an atmosphere of fear in the family of Indian students. Expected from the government that when their children would return safely. But in the midst of all this, the big question is why do so many children go to European countries to study? So let us know some important reasons due to which such a large number of Indians complete their medical studies in Ukraine or other European countries.

Due to low fees, most Indian students approach Ukraine as compared to other countries

After China and Philippines, most Indian students consider Ukraine suitable for medical studies and this is because some reports suggest that higher education is possible in Ukraine at very low medical college fees. The total cost of 6 years medical degree in Ukraine is only about 10 to 150000 rupees, which is much less than the private college in India. Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science reports that students from all over the world come to Ukraine for medical studies, but its largest share is about 24%. Covers only and only students from India.

Getting admission without entrance exam is also a big reason for students inclination to go to Ukraine.

Medical studies are very high quality demanding and Ukraine ranks fourth in the field of medical education. Not only medical graduate but also many post graduate students study here. This is probably one of the most important reasons for Indian students to go to Ukraine to study medicine. There is no entrance test required for admission to medical university in Ukraine. Admission is done directly and the medium of instruction is also English, which gives another benefit to Indian students. Because they do not need to learn any other language and their harmony is done there quite easily.

Only 15% of the students who come to India with a degree from abroad are able to pass the Indian exams.*

The most important thing where Indian students miss out is being able to pass the exam to practice in India on their return home with a degree. Any student who has brought a degree from outside India is able to get a license to practice in India only after passing the National Board of Examination Foreign in Medical Graduate Examination. Statistics show that every year around 4000 students appear in this exam, but only and only about seven hundred students are able to pass this exam. The rest only start practicing illegally in a private hospital in India or some go back to European countries or to other countries and start their work there.

Lack of seats in NEET and skyrocketing fees of private university is also a problem.

Every year lakhs of students take the NEET exam in India, out of which only about 40000 students get admission in government medical colleges. Those who do not get a government college, they have only one option left with a private university. But the fees there often become difficult to afford for a middle class family. In such a situation, only European countries are left open to the students. Where they get not only basic but also higher medical education in low fees.

Now here a big responsibility also falls on the government to make arrangements for such good medical education in India, so that Indian students do not have to go out. This question is not only for medical students but also for students of many other streams who do not get proper availability in India and have to go back to foreign countries. The sooner the government will pay attention to these important issues in the field of education. As soon as there will be less migration of students from the country to abroad


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