The world’s first Ramayana University is going to open soon in BIHAR

Ramayana is not just a religious book for Hindus, but it is a combination of holy thinking and noble thoughts, whose place is unique not only in Hindi literature but also in world literature. Its reading teaches moral values ​​to the individual and its objectives give the message of devotion, knowledge renunciation, detachment and virtue to the entire human race.

Study will be done keeping Valmiki Ramayana at the center It is not possible to describe the importance of Ramayana in few words. Bihar has now taken the responsibility of spreading the importance of Ramayana and its worldwide spread and linking it with education. Patna-based Mahavir Mandir has proposed to the Education Department to open Ramayana University under the Bihar Private University Act 2013.Here, keeping the Valmiki Ramayana at the center, the courses and research of Ramayana, composed in all languages, astrology, rituals, yoga, Ayurveda and discourses will also be taught in the university. 12 acres of land at Ismailpur in Vaishali district has also been seen for the university.

12 acres of land has been identified in Ismailpur, Vaishali Acharya Kunal Kishore, secretary of Mahavir Mandir Trust, has given a demand draft of ₹ ten lakh along with the proposal to the Education Department on behalf of Mahavir Mandir on Tuesday.12 acres of land in Vaishali’s Ismailpur which has been selected for Ramayana University. On this the main building of the university, academic building, and other infrastructure facilities will be constructed. Funds will be arranged by Mahavir Mandir to meet all the needs.

Along with Ramayana, mainly five subjects will be taught in the university. Ramayana University will be the first university in the world where extensive study and research work will be done on Ramcharitmanas by Goswami Tulsidas and other Indian languages ​​and all Ramayana prevalent in South East Asia, keeping Valmiki Ramayana at the center. Sanskrit grammar will be specially studied here. Ashtadhyai composed by Maharishi Panini, Mahabharata by Patanjali and Kashika, these three will be the basis of the study of Sanskrit grammar.Mainly five subjects will be taught in Ramayana University

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From the certificate course of Ramayana to PhD, studies will be done. Certificate, Diploma and Degree will be given in the university. The student pursuing graduation from here will be given the degrees of Vidya Vaaridhi and Vidyavachaspati on the completion of Delete, to the one who has completed Shastri post-graduation, Acharya PhD. Students doing 6 months certificate course will be called as Ramayana Pandit.Talking about research, there will be research work on Ramayana, Gita, Mahabharata, Veda Purana and other religious books too.

Almost all the scriptures of Hinduism exhort a person to maintain harmony in difficult situations. But the importance of these didactic texts is not reaching the younger generation. In such a situation, now the opening of Ramayana University in Bihar is a very commendable step, from which everyone will get ideal guidance.


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