Even after spending a large part of the budget on education, the condition of education in Bihar is very poor.

Education in Bihar : Education is the mirror of the society, in which society will have more educated people, development will also be of that place. But when money is spent on education and there is only negativity in the result, then nothing can be more unfortunate than that. Something similar is happening right now in Bihar where money is being spent like water for education. But the result is still not completely positive.

16.5% of the entire budget is being spent on only education In the financial year 2022-23, the education budget of Bihar has been 398 thousand 192 crores. Which is 16.5% of the entire budget. Each year a major part of the budget is allocated for education. But the condition of education in bihar almost all the districts of the state is dire.

Somewhere there is no proper Dhawan and somewhere there is no teacher. Resources are not being met according to the demand. Due to which a large part is falling only in paper degrees. Mentally unable to take education. Which is the reason for not coming somewhere in the leading states of Bihar.

Even the school in the posh area of ​​the capital Patna does not have enough rooms Talking about the capital Patna, there are many such schools where students of two classes have to sit in the same room. The students have to grapple with the shortage of both the building and the teachers. Virchand Patel Path which is one of the busiest places in Patna. There are 3 schools running in the middle school building located here. Girls middle school sit in 6 rooms and 2 school students sit in three rooms.

The ceiling of the room is also of Asbestus. Along with this, the full number of teachers is also not here.Apart from this, the middle school of AG Colony which is running since 1987. Till now there is no building for the students of class one to eight. Similar is the case with Middle School Mithapur. Apart from this, videos of some teachers are also seen frequently on the internet, which expose their knowledge. Even after spending so much on education, the situation is very bad.

More than fifty thousand teachers will be reinstated in the seventh phase Recently, appointment letters were given to 41000 teachers in the state in a single day and in the coming days again 50000 teachers will be appointed in the seventh phase of teacher restoration. Apart from this, thousand computer teachers, 3500 physical teachers will also be restored.

Simultaneously, 6412 head masters and 40,000 head teachers are to be appointed in Bihar. Despite the restoration of such a huge number of teachers, the teachers are not being fulfilled. According to the standard, there should be one teacher for 30 students. But here a teacher is teaching 70 to 80 students. In such a situation, the future of the children will be seen hanging in the balance.

The most surprising thing is that despite spending 16.5% of the education budget in Bihar or in the same proportion every year, the situation does not seem to be improving. Children can be from any state. He comes less to study in school and more to take money from government funds. To what extent is it worthwhile to attract the children towards the gate of the school by giving greed, but the reason is not to fulfill that for coming to school. The educational development of the children seems to be lagging behind in all this and the picture of education in Bihar looks hazy.


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