Russia-Ukraine War : America and other European countries again banned Russia

Due to the increasing attack of Russia on Ukraine, many countries of the world are angry with Russia. However, no one is openly opposing Russia’s antics by coming forward. But many countries have started protesting internally. Many other countries, including the countries of the European Union, have imposed strict sanctions on Russia.

Russia has been banned 5532 times

However, Russia is not affected by this much. Registering a protest against the sanctions, Russia has threatened Western countries, saying that Russia is working on a detailed plan in which the sanctions imposed on it will be reacted swiftly, which can have a deep impact on Western countries. So far 5,532 sanctions have been imposed on Russia. Also Russia is at number one in the list of most banned countries. America has imposed sanctions on Russia 1194 times. Canada and Switzerland have banned Russia 908 and 824 times respectively. France, Australia and the UK have imposed sanctions on Russia 760, 633 and 271 times respectively. There are many other countries that have banned Russia in many cases.

Russia is facing economic deficit for the first time since the dissolution of the Soviet Union

After being banned in this way, now Russia’s economy has become so bad after many years. For the first time since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia’s economy is seen to be weakening.

Last week Russia threatened that if the US and European Union countries imposed sanctions on petrol imports from Russia, the price of petrol would reach US$300 as the EU consumes about 500 million oil a year and Russia gives about a third of it. Therefore, it is normal for petrol prices to get a shock. Such a reaction of Russia came after the US imposed sanctions on petroleum imports.

Since Russia believes that America is helping pro-Western leaders in Ukraine by reaching Russia’s border through NATO. In the midst of all this, only Ukraine has to say that it is fighting for its existence.


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