Ring road to be constructed from Barauni NTPC to Munger Pool in Begusarai :Pro. Rakesh Sinha

Bihar’s industrial capital Begusarai will soon have a magnificent ring road like the capital Patna. Credit for this great achievement goes to Upper house (Rajya Sabha) M.P. Professor Rakesh Sinha. He has wrote a letter to central minister Nitin Gadkari and Road construction minister of Bihar Nitin Navin regarding such matter. In the letter, he has said that Begusarai and Barauni are one of the industrial institutions of the country. The special feature of this sector is that both industry and agriculture contribute to the GDP. It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also given priority to this sector. For the all-round development of this sector based on industrial and agriculture, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved many big schemes and projects. on which work is currently underway.

These areas will be directly benefited:- He has further said that if Begusarai Barauni is included in the Ring Road scheme of the government, it will prove to be a big relief not only to the industrial city but also for so many farmers who are doing agriculture work at present. Lakhs of farmers and common people will be benefitted by the construction of Ring Road from near NTPC Barauni to Sri Krishna Setu. In which Begusarai, Matihani, Sahebpur Kamal, as well as Munger and Northeast districts of Bihar will get an alternative route for intercommunication service. Along with this, the traffic load over National Highway 31 will get reduced. The biggest thing is that there will be less need for land acquisition. Gupta Lakhminia and Sanha Godargama Dam can also be used for intercommunication service.

It will be beneficial for North Bihar:-Professor Rakesh Sinha said that it is expected from the Union Minister Nitin Gadkari that very soon he will take positive decision and will show positibe response like Shamho Matihani bridge. At the same time, he has also written a letter to Bihar Road Construction Minister Nitin Naveen appealing for corporation towards construction of bridge. Praising the work of ministry it has been said that the continuous step taken by your ministry for the development of Bihar is commendable.

In way to be a leader in agricultural production and trade in Begusarai, it is very important to build a ring road.This will be very useful for agriculture, industry and trade from all point of view in future.


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