Istiaq Ahmed Khan donating his land worth 2.5 crores for the construction of the biggest Ramayana Temple in Bihar

It is said that when true faith is in the mind, then God resides in every little place. No religion or caste can come in the way of any person and his faith. Right now when most of the sections of the society are immersed in the darkness of communalism.

In such a situation, a Muslim family of Bihar has set a unique example. This family, who has great reverence for Lord Shri Ram, has donated their land worth more than 2.5 crores for the construction of the temple. The world’s tallest Ramayana temple is being constructed in Kaithwalia village of East Champaran district of Bihar. Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan, the landlord of the same village, got the donation letter of 23 kathas of his land registered to the temple for the construction of the Virat Ramayana temple. Istiaq Ahmed Khan does business in Guwahati.

Patna Mahavir Mandir Trust is getting the construction of Ramayana temple done The tallest Ramayana temple in Bihar is being constructed by Patna Mahavir Mandir Trust Committee. The amount of land given by Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan at the government rate is worth 2.5 crores. Last week itself, the donation letter of 23 katthas of land was handed over to Acharya Kunal Kishore, secretary of Mahavir Mandir Trust, at Kesaria Registration Office in East Champaran district.

The Khan family did not even start giving land in Kaithwalia for this project of Mahavir Mandir. Donated his prized land situated on the main road for the construction of the temple at a very economical rate. Inspired by this, other villagers also started giving their land at concessional rates.After writing the land papers in the donation letter, Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan told that the Ramayana temple will create a different identity of his area, so he has voluntarily donated his land for the temple.

The construction of the temple will start after the construction of the new Parliament building is completed. The belief behind the construction of the Virat Ramayana temple in Kaithwalia village is that in order to return to Ayodhya from Janakpur, the place where Shri Ram’s procession rested for one night on the banks of the Devaki river will be the construction of the Virat Ramayana temple. The Devaki river is currently flowing to the west of the temple site. 100 acres of land has been received for the construction of the temple. 25 acres more land to be got. After that the Virat Ramayana temple will be constructed. The structure design of the temple has been done in a very unique way.

The new Parliament building with a durable design and structure for more than two hundred years has been constructed under the supervision of Vineet Jaiswal, an army exile from the post of Director General, Central Public Works Department. The responsibility of this Ramayana temple project has also been entrusted. He has been made the main consultant of the Ramayana temple project. Simultaneously, the temple will be constructed with the help of technical experts and other skilled craftsmen. As soon as the work of Parliament House is completed, very soon a team will start the construction work of Ramayana temple.

The Ram Janaki Marg being built from Ayodhya to Janakpur will pass through the Virat Ramayana temple. There are also Kesariya Buddhist stupas on this route. The temple complex has roads on three sides. The length of this temple is 1080 feet and width is 540 feet. The height of the Ramayana temple will be 270 feet, which will be the highest in the world from the point of view of Hindu temples.


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