Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi says many special things, as well as wishes everyone for New Year

PM Narendra Modi has addressed the nation amidst the growing threat of Omicron. He said many big things about the vaccination campaign. While addressing the nation on Saturday night at quarter to ten, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that,it is the effort and collective will of all the citizens of India that at least one dose of the vaccine has been given to 141 crore people in the country. With this, PM Modi said that soon the Nasal Vaccine and the world’s first DNA Vaccine will be started in our country.

PM Modi ji also said that we are all in the last week of the year and this year has been very special in many ways along with this also he congratulated to everyone. The PM said that at this time everyone is preparing for the celebration of the new year but we still need to be careful because the corona is not gone yet. The Prime Minister said that in India too many people have been found to be infected with Omicron. I would urge all of you not to panic, be careful and alert. Masks and washing hands for a while, remember these things The experience of fighting the corona global epidemic so far shows that following all the guidelines at the individual level is a great weapon in combating corona. And the second weapon is vaccination.

The PM said that the fight against Corona was based on scientific advice. The vaccination campaign is going on for the last 11 months. The country is also getting its benefit. The everyday life of the countrymen is returning to normal. He said that India’s economic recovery after Corona was also better than many countries of the world.The Prime Minister said, “Today when the virus is mutating, our strength and confidence to face the challenge is also multiplying. Our innovative spirit is also increasing. Today the country has 18 lakh isolation beds. 5 lakh oxygen supported There are beds. There are 1 lakh 40 thousand ICU beds. If you include ICU and non ICU beds, then 90 thousand beds are also specially for children. Today more than 3 thousand PSA oxygen plants are working in the country. 4 lakh oxygen Cylinders have been provided across the country, states are being assisted in preparing doses of essential medicines, adequate testing kits are also being provided to them.Prime Minister Modi said, “The children who are between the age of 15 years to 18 years, now vaccination will start in the country for them too. In 2022, on 3rd January, it will be started from Monday. Not only will it strengthen the country’s fight against it, it will also reduce the worries of our children going to schools and colleges, and their parents.

He further said, “We all have experience that those who are corona warriors, healthcare and frontline workers, they have a huge contribution in keeping the country safe in this fight. They still spend a lot of their time in the service of corona patients. Therefore, from the point of view of precaution, the government has decided that pre-cognition doses of the vaccine will also be introduced to healthcare and frontline workers. It will be started in 2022, from 10th January, Monday.


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