Know some specialties of Bihar on this BIHAR DIWAS, which will increase the pride of being called BIHARI

Bihar and Bihari are two such words which need no introduction. Bihar is that state which has a very important contribution in the history of entire India at all levels literary, historical, religious. Bihar came into existence in 1912 at the time of partition from Bengal. The present form of bihar came in existence after splitting from Orissa in 1935 and Jharkhand in 2000. Bihar has been very rich culturally and socially since ancient times. There are many such information about Bihar which even the people of Bihar do not know, whose information will increase the house and prestige of being called Bihari. Let us know some such specialties that increase the pride of Bihar.

Bihar is the state where there are ancient universities like Nalanda and Vikramshila. This was the ashram of Guru Shrestha Vishwamitra, where Sri Rama and his brothers had their early education. Many teachers have continued this glorious history of education continuously. Presently, Bihar’s coaching center Super Thirty has been included in the list of best institutes by Time Magazine of America.

–About 16 districts in Bihar come under Mithilanchal. More than 33% of the population here is Maithili speaking. The Mithila painting here has made its mark at the international level. The existence of Mithila painting dates back to the era of Shri Ramchandra, which has been kept alive by the people here till date.

–The official language of Bihar is Maithili,Hindi and English, but there are many languages ​​here which are called Angika, Magahi, Bajjika, Bhojpuri, Maithili etc. Along with the languages, many rivers flow here. Like Ganga, Bagmati, Kosi, Kamala, Balan, Gandak, Phalgu etc., all these have great importance from natural as well as religious point of view.

–The land of Bihar is said to be the Tapobhoomi of Gautam Buddha. This is where Buddhism and Jainism emerged. The birth place of Mata Janki is also in Bihar.

–The role of Bihar in the Quit India Movement was also very important. It was here that the Champaran rebellion took place, which is of great importance from the historical point of view. The first President of the country, Dr Rajendra Prasad was born in Bihar itself. Along with this, the kavi Kokil Vidyapati was also born here.

–Bihar is giving competition to Kerala which is the most educated state in the educational level. Bihar has more literate people than Kerala. There are more graduate women here than in Kerala.

–Bihar has the highest bank PO as compared to other states. At the same time, more students of Bihar do IIT every year than other states.More IAS and IPS are coming out in Bihar than Kerala,Tamil Nadu, Andhra,Gujarat.

–Bihar’s criminal report is only one tenth of that of Delhi. Communal violence is less here as compared to other states. The Bihar government has also brought a lot of control over the Naxalite violence in the last few years.

–These days the news of farmer suicides has become quite common, but farmers of Bihar do not commit suicide. Even in compulsion, poor economic condition they face the situation with self-confidence, whereas the production capacity of Bihar is more than that of Punjab.

–Bihar has always been considered the center of education. Nalanda University is the oldest university here, where students from Iran, Korea, Japan, China, Persia and other countries also came to study in the library. In this, Bakhtiyar Khilji attacked and set it on fire. It took almost 3 months to extinguish it. Even after this, a huge half-burnt pile of books was lying there.

–The building of the Legislative Assembly of Bihar was completed in March 1920. Changes were made to it from time to time but the original structure has been preserved till date. Now it has become a building more than 100 years old.

If we look at the merits of Bihar, then their number is innumerable, but often people do not find the merits and pay more attention to the flaws. Because of which many a times have to be a victim of neglect. Now it is necessary that we the people of Bihar should highlight our merits and take pride in being a Bihari.


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