Know some information about NATO which is at present in the center of Russia-Ukraine war

When will the war between Ukraine and Russia end? At what point will it end? For the time being it is not possible to get the answer of these questions. But in view of the destruction caused by it, the eyes of the whole world are still on these countries only. In the midst of all this, there is another name which is coming up again and again.

It is NATO which is repeatedly staying at the core of the discussion, so let us know some information related to NATO.Ukraine had appealed for help from the big countries of the world to help it defend itself and face Russia. Now months have passed since this war started, but till now it has not reached any turning point. But the name of NATO keeps coming up again and again. So it is quite clear that NATO has played a big role in this.

In 1949 NATO was established by some european country and America

The full name of NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is an organization associated with European and American countries. Its main job is that if any of its member countries are attacked, then in that situation, protect them and provide military assistance. It was established in 1949 when, after the Second World War, America and European countries considered that if a situation like World War was to be stopped in the future, then it was very important to establish an organization for that and only because of this basic purpose. NATO was established.The head quarter of NATO is in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

12 countries at the time of establishment and now 30 countries in total are members of NATO.

At the time of its establishment, there were a total of 12 countries in NATO. The United States, Britain, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway and Portugal, and currently there are 30 NATO member states. Albania Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Actonica, France Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Lumburg, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.

Mainly NATO was established to keep Russia under control.

After the Second World War, the USSR became very dominant. Therefore, America and other European countries decided to create an organisation that would reduce the scope of Russia, because after the end of the World War, Russia was establishing communism in European countries very rapidly and the relationship between Russia and America has always been Just not right. There was always a competition between the two as to who would become the super power. Therefore, it was necessary to create such an organisation which would reduce the influence of NATO. NATO was created for this purpose.

There was only one special condition to become a member country of NATO. to be a European country. But after some time, NATO brought some flexibility in its terms and changed it that it would make some more countries as its members because it had to expand itself globally. That is why it made Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and some other countries as its members. The role of NATO has also been very important in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The work of NATO has been to help if there is an attack on its member countries, but the basic purpose of making NATO was to keep Russia under control more than to stop the war.

NATO member countries get many facilities.

NATO members, whatever countries they live in, also get many benefits. Like all other NATO member countries in the event of war, they will give their military assistance to that country. Attacking any member country of NATO means that that country will have to go to war with all the member countries of NATO. NATO also provides modern weapons and equipment to its countries from time to time. and also provides financial assistance. NATO forces also do border security of member countries with deployment.

India is not a member of NATO which is why India’s relations with the US have been very good. That’s why the US has passed a bill to give India the status of a NATO ally. Before India, America has also given this status to Israel and North Korea.

The function of NATO is to promote democratic values ​​and to solve the problems of its member countries besides providing advice on defense and security matters. At the same time, resolving disputes in a peaceful manner has also been the main task of NATO.

NATO has conducted successful missions in Afghanistan also in many other countries

NATO’s major is in the works done so far is Leading a non-combat mission in Afghanistan, providing training, advice and support to Afghan security forces and institutions. In addition, to establish peace in Afghanistan, NATO provided personal equipment to the northern Mitra Wika and the southern Mitra Wika in the fight against Covid-19 and in 2018 also started a training mission NMI in Iraq for special forces

In sort NATO is a very important organisation in european countries for their safety and protection.


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