Karnataka High Court verdict will be based on the Constitution regarding Hijab issue. Know the provision of constitution

The issue of HIJAB has arisen from some districts of the state of Karnataka and has now become an issue of the whole country. Everyone’s opinion differs from each other. It has got a political Support after some of the videos went viral. But before giving opinion on any issue, it is necessary for a sensible person and a prudent person to understand its facts. Go to the constitutional and judicial authorities and then make and express any opinion on that issue.

The hijab issue started in Karnataka when, on 5 February 2022, the Government of Karnataka under Section 133(2) of the Karnataka Board of Education Act 1983 ordered that the dress code be followed strictly in all government educational institutions. Along with this, private educational institutions have been given the right to decide their uniform and dress code on their own and have also been asked to be strict to follow them so that the students remain equanimous.

A few days after this order, when some students of the Pre University College of Udupi, Karnataka reached the college wearing the hijab, the college management forbade them to do so. On this, the girls boycotted the decision of the college and filed a writ in the Karnataka High Court. Appearing for the girl students, their lawyer Sanjay Hegde said, “Wearing hijab is a constitutional right. With this, the girl students cannot be stopped on the basis of some decisions only.”

What provision does the constitution give regarding the wearing of clothes

At the same time it was also said that according to Article 19(1) of the Constitution, any person can decide for himself what he wants to wear or what not and under Article 19 (6), a person can be prevented from wearing something. Citing court decisions, girls are being prevented from wearing hijab, They do not apply here. After this argument, the largest bench of the Karnataka High Court was presided over by the Chief Justice himself. He clearly said that the court will decide on the basis of the Constitution keeping all emotions out and the judiciary continued its hearing on this basis.

Why is it necessary to keep the turban of the Sikhs or their clothes separate from this issue?

It is mentioned in the Indian Constitution that Articles 25, 26, 27, 28 give the right to freedom of religion and Article 19 gives the right to freedom of expression. According to this, some people also raised questions on the turban of the Sikhs, so it is important to know here that in the explanation of Article 25(1) some privileges have been given to the Sikhs regarding their dress. That’s why it is absolutely illogical to do anything about their pagdi or about their costumes.

There have been earlier controversies too about hijab : This is not the first time that the dispute over the hijab has happened. Earlier in the year 2016, the Kerala High Court, in the case of Aamna Basheer Vs CBSE, had allowed two CBSE girl students to appear in the AIPMT exam wearing hijab , saying that wearing hijab is a part of Islam.

What is the reaction of other countries of the world regarding the hijab?

Apart from India, there are many countries in the world where there have been disputes regarding hijab and the country has banned wearing hijab. There was a bomb blast in Sri Lanka in the year 2019, after which hijab banned in all public places. Apart from this, the seria where the population is more than 90% islam hereIn the year 2010, the hijab were banned in the university and school . In 2004, wearing religious clothing of public place was banned in France. Hijab was banned in Russia in 2012.In 2018 Denmark and Netherlands banned hijab at public place .In 2016 Bulgaria banned it. However, it is written in the Quran that women should cover their head in public places

In outcome of this issue it seems that there is no relation to education anywhere in it and the dress of a person decides the place. Uniforms are provided at schools or workplaces so that everyone will be treated with uniformity. So here it should not be related to other things so the latter situation should not turn into a non-violent situation. Ever person should use their discretion and took the right decision.


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