JITWARPUR : The Craft Village of Bihar

Jitwarpur village, A village of bihar which is 180 km from Patna. This village is less known to the people of bihar, but the importance of this village is very much in illuminating the name of Bihar. Its one has illuminated the name of Bihar very much not only at the national but also at the international level. Many women of this village have been given the Padma Shri award, which started in 1975 and continued till 2021 when Dulari Devi ji was awarded the Padma Shri in 2021.

Many villagers have been awarded with Padma Shri as well as national and state level awards

Colors resides in the heart of the village. Color brushes and Madhubani painting are the hallmarks of Jitwarpur. In the year 1975, for the first time Jagdamba Devi ji was given Padma Shri for Mithila painting. In 1981, Sita Devi ji was given and Babua Devi ji in 2017 and Dulari Devi ji in 2021, not only Padma Shri but also so many state level and national level awards have been given to the women and men of this village.

Now this art has made its identity in abroad.

Jitwarpur village is a very small village which population will be only around four thousand. Out of the population of four thousand people of the village, approx two thousand five hundred peoples are master of art which called Mithila painting. Now their art has become their livelihood. This Mithila painting belongs to every member of the family. Due to the poverty in the village, the house may not be luxurious, but the small house is decorated in such a beautiful and elegant way. That artistry is worthy of praise.The work done in here are now renowned at the international level. Their exhibitions are held in abroad. Along with this, many more orders are also available from outside. But when it comes to identity, the artists of this place become anonymous in their own home state.

The influence of nature and mythology is most visible in Mithila painting

Mithila or Madhubani painting is a traditional art form of North India. It is mainly based on nature and mythology. In this, more than four hundred types of colors are used and the most important thing is that all the colors are used in this are natural. It is believed that this art was started at the time of marriage of prabhu Shri Ram and Sita Mata. When Janakpur was being decorated, so it can be shown to be very much influenced by the stories of Ramayana. Although now Mithila painting is being done and sold on clothes, mask banks and many other items for the purpose of marketing. The originality of this art is still alive, Coming out of the rural environment, it has started making its mark in foreign countries.


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