Henley Passport Rankings Released:- Indians can travel to 59 countries without visa

The ranking of the world’s most powerful passport for the year 2021 has now been announced. In the declared list, Japan is in the first place, Singapore is in second place, and South Korea and Germany are jointly in third place. Talking about the same India, India has come down six places this year and has reached 90th place. Before this, India was ranked 84th in the rankings. Then 59 countries of the world were giving entry to Indian citizens in their country without visa, even now only 59 countries will give entry to Indian citizens in their country. China and the United Arab Emirates have made the biggest jump in the list released this year. Where China has now come to the 68th place, then the United Arab Emirates has come to the 15th place. European countries have got the highest place in the list of top ten. The US and UK are in 7th place. Pakistan is ranked 4th from the bottom of the list which is 113. Only 32 countries give visa free indre to Pakistani nationals .In this ranking, the condition of Pakistan is worse than Somalia and Yemen.

India’s ranking is 90th, due to which 59 countries will give visa free entry to Indian citizens. This visa free entry means that Indian citizens in those 59 countries can only carry an Indian passport. Indians can stay there for a set time limit. The time limit has been set differently for each country. India’s neighbor Nepal is ranked 105th and North Korea’s ranking is 104th.

Since the ranking of Henley Passports, it has become clear that the strength of the Indian passport has increased significantly in the last one year.

The International Air Transport Association is responsible for issuing Henley passports. Which issues the ranking of passports by statistics. The strength of a country is based on how many countries can be visited without a visa from that country’s passport. Singapore and Japan come in the world’s most powerful passports. Citizens of these countries can go to 192 countries without a visa.

The Henley Passport Ranking is being issued since 2006. This ranking also shows which country’s passport is the most free in the world. Due to the worldwide turmoil due to Kovid in the last 2 years, this ranking has become even more important.


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