The biggest news of present time is coming from Begusarai. Where while hearing a case from the Begusarai Court, the judge has ordered the arrest of the CEO of Flipkart. According to the information received, the Judicial Magistrate of Begusarai Court Sunil Kumar has issued arrest warrants against Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy and Bandhan Bank branch manager Anupam Kumar Jha in fraud case like not giving mobile from customer. The court has issued warrants at the address of Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy who is posted at Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd Ayesha Building Begonia Bangalore and Bandhan Bank branch manager Bandhan Bank Shakuntala Market Jagir Mohalla Collegiate School Road, Begusarai.

Online fraud is getting a boost Now people are able to buy any goods of the world online through e-commerce companies sitting at home. In most of the cases people get due respect but in some cases people have to go to the office of e-commerce companies after paying money. This case is also related to this. Due to the transaction dispute between the bank and the e-commerce company, the matter escalated so much that the matter has reached till the arrest of the CEO of Flipkart and the branch manager of Bandhan Bank.

Both accused did not get present even after summon The honourable court of begusarai district had issued a notice against these two accused under Section 406 and 420 of the Indian Penal Code. But despite the notice, both the accused did not appear in the court. Then the court took a strict stand and issued arrest warrants against both the accused.

Detailed matter is that Ashutosh Kumar, son of complainant Rajan, resident of Nagar Police Station Professor Colony of Begusarai city, sent ₹ 10,557 online on 24 September 2020 to Flipkart to buy a mobile from his Bandhan Bank savings account. After sending the money, when the mobile complainant was not found by Flipkart, then the complainant started its investigation and when the branch manager of Bandhan Bank got information about it, the branch manager told that his money has been sent to Flipkart. Then the complainant told Flipkart. When I told my problem through email, I got a reply from Flipkart that the money has not been sent to her yet. The complainant kept on running between Bandhan Bank and Flipkart. But when he did not get justice. Then he came to the court and filed a case against the branch manager of Bandhan Bank and CEO of Flipkart. In which today the court has issued arrest warrants against both the accused.

Will there be an arrest, will justice be served? In such a situation, the biggest question is coming to the fore that how soon the CEO of Flipkart and the branch manager of Bandhan Bank branch can be arrested. However, this will be known only in the coming time, but this order of the court is being appreciated a lot among the people.


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