The defeat of the HIjab was not accepted by the petitioners. Ready to challenge it before supreme court

The Karnataka High Court gave its verdict on the Hijab issue, considering the Constitution as paramount. Along with this, eight petitions related to this were dismissed. The decision left the Muslim party disappointed. Along with this, they have also made full preparations to go to the Supreme Court against the decision of the High Court. The entire team of Senior Advocate Devdutt Kamat would have filed their petition in the Supreme Court today itself, challenging the decision of the Karnataka High Court.

Lawyer Kamat, giving his own example, tried to make the court in his favor

During the ongoing hearing in the Karnataka High Court, Advocate Devdutt Kamat had argued that the hijab is not a religious identity but a feeling of security. On February 15, while appearing for the petitioner in the court, Advocate Kamat had said that when he was in school and college, he used to wear Rudraksha which is not his religious identity, but he felt security and wore it too and were used to. After this, lawyer Kamat, arguing on behalf of the Muslim girl students, said that India is a secular country. Our constitution follows positive secularism and believes in the beliefs of all. We do not live in Turkey.

Another case in 2004 was that of a Hindu girl Sonali Pillai Vs Durban Girls High School in South Africa. Referring to this, Advocate Kamat said, the girl was barred by the school from attending the school for wearing a nose pin citing the school code of conduct, but the court ruled in favor of the girl.Banning the hijab is a violation of the fundamental right to education. While it is necessary to promote education and now education is falling behind by giving importance to the hijab issue. Religious symbols are only a means of providing protection.

After all the arguments, the court ruled considering the constitution as paramount

After such arguments and lengthy hearing, the court gave its verdict, the basis of which was mainly two things. First that the hijab is not part of Islam and secondly that the students cannot refuse to wear the uniform prescribed in the school or college. At the same time, schools and colleges have every right to decide the uniform for themselves.

After the coming of this decision, neither the petitioners nor their advocates got satisfaction, but everyone’s decision is now to approach the Supreme Court. Therefore, there is still hope left among the petitioners. After the High Court’s decision, at a press conference in Bangalore, the petitioners had said that

“We will fight for our rights. They called it an injustice to themselves. Also hoped that they would get justice in the Supreme Court.”

As soon as the decision came, its boycott also started.

Its boycott also started only after the verdict came. Political leaders such as Owaisi and former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti also considered the decision disappointing. The same Rajnath Singh, Defense Minister and National Commission for Women Chairman Rekha Sharma also welcomed the decision.

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