Cyber ​​criminals are also active along with Omicron, big fraud is being done in the name of Omicron test

There are clear signs of the beginning of the third wave of corona epidemic in the country. After two months, the maximum number of cases of infection have been reported in a single day.

The Omicron variant has also been found to have the highest number of cases. Active cases have also started increasing rapidly. So far, Omicron has reached 23 states and union territories. The total cases of Omicron in the country have exceeded 1300, out of which 374 patients have either been cured or migrated to other countries. There have been 320 cases of Omicron in Delhi. There has been an increase of 8,959 in active cases in a day. Presently the active cases have increased to 91,361 which is 0.26 percent of the total cases.

The situation is becoming clear regarding the vaccine used for the vigilance dose. Under this, the vaccine of which people have taken both the doses earlier, while the vaccine will be given in the form of a caution dose.

cases have increased significantly during the Corona period. Cyber ​​thugs are constantly trying to cheat people. Now they have started duping people in the name of Omicron variant of Corona. Amidst the cases, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has issued an advisory regarding cyber crime. Cases of new strains are increasing rapidly in the country. In such a situation, cyber thugs have started duping people in the name of free testing to detect infection with Omicron variant.

The Department of Cyber ​​and Information Security, Ministry of Home Affairs has issued an advisory. It said, ‘Cyber ​​security is being lax due to the focus on the health crisis. Cybercriminals are trying to take advantage of this. Cybercriminals are always trying new ways to lure people into their trap. Nowadays cyber crimes are increasing rapidly regarding the Omicron variant. In view of the situation arising due to this, cyber criminals are adopting various tactics to dupe gullible people.

The Ministry of Home Affairs further informed that thugs send emails related to PCR test to detect infection from Omicron. It contains links and files that steal people’s data. According to the ministry, gullible public are being cheated by using the name of government and private health services. By clicking on the link for RT-PCR test, people are taken to the fake website created by the thugs, which is identical to the website of government/private health services.

With the help of this, cyber criminals get personal information and bank details of people and defraud people. The government advised people to check the domain name and URL to find out whether the website is genuine or fake. Report any such incident on the portal.


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