Corona can reach on peak within 30 days

The third wave of Corona will intensify. It can reach its peak in 30 days. After that it may start declining. However, it may take at least two and a half to three months for this wave to reach its lowest point. However, the effect of this wave will be very less. This wave can be for a shorter time than the previous wave.

There is a need to protect mainly children and patients suffering from chronic illness from this wave. The study related to corona so far shows that the antibodies produced by vaccination start decreasing after a time limit. Therefore, the need for a booster dose is sure to be felt to increase it. Actually, the vaccines administered to prevent corona in the world including India are emergency. We will have to wait for at least two and a half years more for vaccines made from the standard protocol of five years.

Vaccines is acting as a shield to deal with the third wave of Corona. These vaccines may not completely prevent the current infection, but it is certain that they are completely capable of reducing its fatal effect relatively. Herd immunity is also working in the present scenario.

For both these reasons, the risk of life is being seen less. However, this will not mean that measures to prevent infection should be marginalised. The Omicron variant is many times more contagious than Delta. Hence the mask is mandatory.

The Omicron variant of Corona is not reaching down the throat. Therefore, its symptoms are not showing much fatality. Actually, the lungs have been seen safe from this variant so far. This condition is only with those people who are not already suffering from any chronic disease. To get a permanent shield against this disease, very good and balanced food has to be eaten continuously.

The capital of Bihar Patna remains a hot spot of Corona and according to the report today, 522 new patients have been found here in the last 24 hours.

In the midst of all this, JDU’s office located in the capital Patna has been sealed after the news of 5 people being found infected with the corona virus came to light today. According to the information received, the investigation report of 5 people including guards has been found positive in JDU office in Patna this afternoon. After this it was decided to seal the office.

The sudden and wildly increasing cases of Corona have increased the concern of the government. In such a situation, it is certain that the government will reduce the scope of exemption given in the Kovid guideline and increase the strictness.

At present, the most discussed is on measures like closure of schools and night curfew. The government can also change its strategy in relation to crowded places like parks, zoos, tourist places, cinema halls and malls. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has already made it clear that a third wave-like situation has started building in the state. On the other hand, Education Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary said that if the DM wants, he can also take a decision regarding the schools from his level.. The deadline of the current guideline of Covid issued in Bihar is ending on January 5.

Tonight after discussing with other officers , the Chief Minister will take a decision regarding the further guide lines in view of the current situation of COVID.


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