Bihar police department is preparing to take new step for the shortfall of police personnel

There is a constant shortage of personnel working in the police department of Bihar. Because of that every year vacancies are coming out for every post like constable, inspector. Appointment is also being done after proper training. Despite that, the shortage of personnel is still not being run out. In view of this, the Police Department of Bihar has come up with a new idea. Like other departments, now preparations are being started for the appointment of policemen on contract in Bihar Police. In view of the increasing pressure of cases and shortage of officers and personnel for research, the Police Headquarters has decided to appoint retired police personnel on contract.An order in this regard has also been issued from the Police Headquarters. While there is a need for young people in the police service, on the one hand, the Bihar Police will take the help of the elderly.

According to the Department of Personnel and Welfare of Police Headquarters, there will be appointment on vacant posts from Police Inspector to Constable. For this, personnel from retired inspector of police cadre to constable level will be employed on contract. The employment on contract will be done against the same post for which the concerned personnel have retired.

The Police Headquarters has also laid down some conditions for the policemen to be appointed on contract. Provided that no criminal or disciplinary action should be pending against those applying for contractual employment. No major punishment has been imposed in any disciplinary or criminal case during the last 10 years of service and no penalty has been imposed in the last 5 years. Interested retired employees will apply only from the office or unit from which they have retired. They have to apply by 31st December.

Retired police officers and personnel, who are not already employed, will be employed for 1 year from 1st April 2020 to 31st July 2021. This contract will be effective only for the next 1 year from the date of issue of employment order. This contractual employment will be deemed to be terminated automatically as soon as qualified personnel are available from regular promotion and appointment in the respective post within one year. This plan will be for one time only.

At present Only about one lakh policemen are present in Bihar. In such a situation, somewhere in Bihar, there is a shortage of fifty percent policemen in the proportion of population. According to Bihar DGP Sanjeev Kumar Singhal, the target of recruitment of Bihar Police is 1.42 lakhs. Which will be completed in the next two-three years. According to DJP, the state government is busy taking the strength of the policeman to the national average. According to the target of Police Headquarters, the target of 1.42 lakh will be fulfilled first by recruiting about 12 thousand policemen every year.

There is a huge shortage of police personnel in Bihar as compared to other states. The ratio of Bihar Police is the worst in the country. Only 76.2 policemen are present in Bihar for a population of one lakh. According to the data of the Central Ministry for the year 2020, there should be 155.78 policemen per one lakh population. but it’s not like that. Bihar needs two lakh policemen to reach the national average.

Also also works are pending due to shortage of police personnel, now such kind of initiative of bihar police department might increase work speed.


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