Big fraud in the name of booster dose, along with health alertness is also necessary for bank account

Day by day the situation of corona in Bihar is getting serious. The unexpected increase in the number of patients is going to create fear among the people. While 4 people have died due to Covid in the last 24 hours, more than 2000 positive patients are being found everyday. However, according to IGIMS, the condition of any patient is not getting more serious except those who have not taken the vaccine yet.

According to the World Health Organization, vaccination appears to be very effective in preventing serious disease and condition .In view of the increasing cases of corona, the central government has now started giving booster doses to the front line workers. Also, those elderly people above 60 years of age who are suffering from any serious disease will also take booster dose. There are many misconceptions in the minds of people regarding booster dose. Like which vaccine to take? After how many days can the booster dose be taken? The Health Ministry had already answered all these questions, as in the booster dose only the same vaccine will be given which has been given in the earlier two doses. As far as the gap is concerned, that booster dose can be taken only after 9 months of the second dose. The Ministry of Health is sending a message on its behalf to the elderly who are now eligible to take the booster dose. Those who did not get the message, they are not in a position to take the booster dose yet. However, all elderly people who are about to take a booster dose should first consult with their doctor.

Cheating in the name of vaccination has also increased a lot. It is being said that booster doses are being given with money, whereas there is nothing like this. All the vaccination of Covid in Bihar is free till now. To take it, it is necessary to go to your nearest center and carry an identity card. The vaccination process will be completed as before.

Cybercriminals are constantly circulating this news on WhatsApp, which is about cyber fraud. In this viral message, information about booster dose is sought. Along with this, it is said that registration should be done regarding the booster dose. After following some steps, an OTP comes which is asked to be told and as soon as this OTP is told, it is being told that money is withdrawn from the bank account.

In this situation, it is necessary that if anyone demands any kind of OTP from the phone in the name of booster dose, then it should not be trusted immediately. Verification should be done before coming to his words. However, the news of such fraud is not coming till now. Only the message is being circulated. Even then, it is important to be careful.

For information, it is not necessary to know that the government does not book slots for vaccination through phone calls. Nor does it conduct any kind of registration process. Anyone who wants to get complete information about it can take it from the Arogya Setu app. Or you can also take it by visiting cowin’s website.

In this epidemic of corona, where alert is necessary for health on one hand. At the same time, it is also important to stay away from the danger of being cheated by Cyber Criminals.


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