Begusarai reached on second place in capita income, beating all other the districts.

Begusarai : The budget of Bihar is about to come tomorrow, but the Economic Survey of Bihar for 2020-21 shows that if we look at the per capita income in Bihar, then Patna district is in the highest position in the state. The per capita income here is ₹ 131064(one lakh thirty one thousand sixty four rupees) Whereas Begusarai is in second place.

Where the annual income of the people is ₹ 51441(Fifty one thousand four hundred fourty one) and Munger has been seen in the third place. Where the annual income of the people is ₹44321(Fourty four thousand three hundred twenty one). Among the most developed districts, the first place is coming to Patna, second to Begusarai and third to Muzaffarpur and fourth is Sheikhpura.

Which state came on bottom

The same lowest place has come from the Shivhar of per capita income where the average annual income of the people is Rs.19500(Nineteen thousand five hundred). The city is followed by Araria where per capita income is ₹ 20613(Twenty thousand six hundred thirteen) and in Sitamarhi which is at third position it is Rs 22119(Twenty two thousand one hundred nineteen) and in East Champaran is Rs 22306(Twenty two thousand three hundred six).

The same per capita income has been detected in Madhubani in 22636.In this way, there is a difference between the annual average income of the highest per capita income in the state and ₹ 111172(One lakh eleven thousand one hundred seventy two) annually in the lowest districts. The last five places which are on the most lowest districts of bihar I.e. Araria, Sheohar Banka,Kishanganj West Champaran respectively.

For the past few years, there has been widespread unemployment due to Corona. At the same time, there has been a significant impact on the earnings of people working in the private sector, which is clearly visible from the results of the Economic Survey.


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