Begusarai could not move even a step forward towards tourism development

The development of tourism opens the door to prosperity in the district, but not a single site in Begusarai district has been developed as tourism. And there was hope of developing it as a major tourist center. There are also some small picnic spots in the district. Where common people go on New Year or other days. Among these spots are Naulakha temple of the city, Jaimangala Garh of Manjhol, Baba Ujan place of Bakhri. A large number of people from religious point of view also visit Harigiridham and Simaria Ghat.The biggest obstacle in tourism development can be considered as the low will power of the officials and public representatives and the government not giving funds.

BABA HARIGIRIDHAM In the month of Sawan, on all Mondays, lakhs of people come to perform Jalabhishek of Baba Bhole. After declaring it as a fair of the State, some amount is given every year for organizing it, which is used for arranging in the fair. At the same time, there is no other arrangement except for the devotees who come in large numbers in this temple.

SIMARIA GANGA GHAT Lakhs of people reach Simaria Ganga on various occasions in the district to perform religious and various rites. People from more than two dozen surrounding districts come to bathe in the Ganges on Purnima. The one-month-long historic Kal Pass Mela in Simaria is famous for the Mundan ceremony in the entire state. On the occasion of Kartik month, Magha month, Solar eclipse, lunatic eclipse etc., lakhs of devotees keep coming and going. Despite this, for the development of Simaria, more talk was done by the administration and leaders and ministers and result is blank.Devotees coming here have to face all kinds of problems including staying here. Devotees come in large numbers, but they do not even get the accommodation and other basic facilities of the people who come.

There is no official office of Tourism Department in the district. Years ago the office of the tourism department was shifted to Munger. In-charge officer Vikas Preeti Kumari is responsible for overseeing the tourism related works in the district. There has been no development in the tourism sector in the district in the current year. He said that a few days ago, for the development of Simaria, the Center has given approval of 111 crore 62 lakh to CSR.

NAULAKHA MANDIR Naulakha Temple is located in the Municipal Corporation area. Thousands of families reach here every year on first day of January for picnic. The leaders announced dozens of times to develop this temple as a tourist center, but till now it has not been done. Till now, a large plot is available near the Naulakha temple, which can be used by making a concrete action plan for tourism development. Naulakha Temple is under Religious Trust Board Patna.

JAYMANGLA GADH JAY Mangla Temple and Kawar Lake, located just five kilometers away from Manjhaul subdivision headquarters, are known as tourist and historical temples. It attracts a large number of people for picnics on New Year’s Day and for boating and site seen in the lake on other days. Apart from this, in Navratri, a large number of people from the sadhu community come to worship Mata jay Mangala and do Tantra Sadhna. On the lotus blossom in the water here, the tweet of thousands of birds coming from many other countries including Siberian is visible for many months, which remains the center of attraction for the people who come here. A large number of people come here to enjoy boating. For many years it has been included in the list of Ramsar sites for being a freshwater lake and a haven for exotic birds.


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