Begusarai became the first district to use drones in agriculture

Giriraj Singh, the MP of Begusarai and who handled the Minister of Panchayati Raj of India in the cabinet, has today named Begusarai as a leader in a new initiative.Today, for the first time in Begusarai, Drone spraying has been introduced. Which has happened for the first time not only in Begusarai but also in Bihar. Its launch in Begusarai is a big achievement.

Initiating the method of spraying with drones in Begusarai, MP Giriraj Singh told that Now is the age of technology. The Prime Minister of the country has also laid great emphasis on natural farming and invention.Therefore it is necessary to use drones in agriculture. The drone being used has been prepared by a multiplex company in Bangalore. where one side drone had helped in surgical strike and medical supplies during the covid,now it will help in spraying work in agricultural.Along with this, MP Giriraj Singh also told that about two crore women in the country do farming work. At the same time, more than one lakh women are doing agriculture work in Bihar. Therefore, the responsibility of using drones has been given to Aajeevika Didi in Begusarai, for which she will be given proper training.

Informing about the harm caused by spraying by a person, he said that it can cause serious diseases related not only to the skin but also to other health issues. Therefore, by using drones, the nation will save money in time, but health will also be safe.

Begusarai has been the center of the Green Revolution in the 1970s. In such a situation, the use of drones in agricultural work in Begusarai is the beginning of a revolutionary change.


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