A new scam has come to the fore again in Bihar, which has a unique story of a strange scam

Bihar has a long history of scams. So many times and so many scams have been exposed in Bihar till now, which it seems,As if every government formed in Bihar has made it a tradition to scam. The Chief Minister of Bihar says that he does not tolerate corruption at all. There in his government again a Scam of Sanitary Napkin scam has come to the fore.

What is sanitary pads scam

The sanitary Napkin/pads scam is coming out from Saran Chapra district of Bihar. Hall hoti Sah High School in Manjhi block of Chapra district, where not only girls, but also boys, use sanitary pads. This is quite strange to hear, but when it comes to the documentation, the completeness is true. Under the Mukhyamantri Kishori Swasthya Karyakram in this school, funds are being sent on time for sanitary pads to the bank accounts of girls. But for the last 3 years, this amount is going to the bank account of girls as well as some boys, that’s why boys are also happy because of getting money so no one till now arose any question regarding this.

When the headmaster of a school retired in March 2021, he handed over the entire workload to the senior most teacher of the school, Raisul Ahrar Khan. Not just handed over the charge as an finance and documents Saying that on the next date will give its charge. But this did not happen for the next three months, then the new headmaster looked at the accounts related to the three funds that is student,development and holistic education of the school and found that the amount of sanitary napkins is also being given to the boys student in the school. Also there are some boys who are not even enrolled in school. In the last 5 years which was the tenure of Principal Ashok Kumar Rai, an amount of one crore was allotted to the school. There has been a scam of big amount but This is not yet clear.

When the suspicion of Raisul agrada Khan deepened, he wrote letters to the District Education Officer asking him to take cognizance of the matter. Lastly in January 2022, a team was made and sent for investigation. But till now the former head master Ashok Kumar Rai has not been talked about, nor has the matter fully come to the fore, how the scam was done and how much money has been scammed.

What is Sanitary Napkin/pads Yojna

In order to reduce the dropout pressure from the school along with the health and hygiene of the girls, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar gave one hundred and fifty rupees per student annually to the girl students enrolled under the Mukhyamantri Kishori Swasthya Karyakram in the financial year 2015-16. For which the government has spent more than 50 crores and this amount was being given so that the girl students should be more safe by using sanitary napkins during their periods and do not stop coming to school.

But the way Bihar has an ancient tradition of scams, from the fodder to the toilet scam. and srijan to alkatraa and many more scams now a new sanitary napkin pad scam has been added.


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